OpenSUSE’s default GNOME theme ‘Sonar’ is often regarded as one of the best Gnome themes around. That is, of course, open to debate but the green hues and light gradients used by the Chameleons’ theme is nevertheless popular with many.

Sonar is no stranger to OMG! – we previously featured it in December of last year to celebrate the release of OpenSUSE 11.12.

If you liked it then you’re going to love it now.

Sonar ’10

The Sonar ‘10 pack by DanyR contains: –

  • Sonar GTK Theme
  • Fifth Leg titlebar font
  • Sonar Icons
  • Latest GNOME Icon Theme
  • openSUSE’s default wallpaper and an alternative Ubuntu branded one by cldx
  • Easy install script

Download & Install

Installation using the provided script is a doddle: –

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