Very soon we will be interviewing Rob McQueen, the co-founder and a Director of Collabora, an open source consulting company headquartered in the UK but with offices in Montreal, Barcelona and Brussels, and 70 hackers worldwide. They are responsible for much of the work on the gstreamer and telepathy frameworks used in many of your favourite applications, as well as the PiTiVi video editor.

Another free software hacker sadly lost to the realms of management, in his past Rob McQueen has hacked on Debian, Pidgin, D-Bus and founded the Telepathy project, but he now spends most of his time running half of (half-running?) Collabora.

Their contributions to projects like Telepathy, GStreamer, Farsight, Empathy, PiTiVi and more generally MeeGo, GNOME, KDE and are the result of a fine balancing act of open source ideals on the one hand, and on the other trying to earn an honest dollar and keep the whole show on the road.

Instead of us putting forward the same old boring questions, we felt it would be cool to include the readers, you guys, a bit more – by letting you suggest questions for us to ask Rob during the interview! There’s no guarantee we’ll use all of your questions, but if you have an idea, let us know in the comments.

Maybe you want to know about open source consulting, or are interested in starting up a small business of your own. Perhaps you want to know about the future of telepathy or whether Collabora is hiring! Now’s your chance to ask Rob these questions and much, much more!

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