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LibreOffice for Android

Collabora Office Brings LibreOffice to Android, iOS

Collabora Office is a free office app for Android and iOS based on LibreOffice, making it the closet thing to LibreOffice for Android.

27 February 2020
Android and Linux

New Project Brings Android Apps to the Linux Desktop

SPURV is a new open-source project that can run Android apps on Linux desktops, with full support for native hardware features like graphics acceleration.

3 April 2019

Raspberry Pi’s Maynard is a Modern Linux Desktop Using Wayland

Maynard is a modern, lightweight Linux desktop using Wayland being tailored for use on the single-board Raspberry Pi computer.

15 June 2014
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Readers choice: Ask Collabora’s director some questions

Very soon we will be interviewing Rob McQueen, the co-founder and a Director of Collabora, an open source consulting company headquartered in the UK but with offices in Montreal, Barcelona and Brussels, and 70 hackers worldwide. They are responsible for much of the work on the gstreamer and telepathy frameworks used in many of your favourite applications, as well as the PiTiVi video editor.

19 August 2010