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Periodic Table Wallpaper – A Lot Cooler Than it Sounds

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.
If your life has been lacking a well designed, slighty humorous but oh-so informative Peridoic Table wallpaper then say hello to this Nobel-ium (no really, that is the best pun I can do.) slice of pixel perfect.

As a man not-of science I’ll freely admit that this wallpaper resembles nothing more than a set of knock-off Scrabble tiles arranged neatly on on my Mothers imitation-marble kitchen work-top.

But for those in need of some geek-chic it’s a neat – and educational – wallpaper.

Download (2560×1600)

P.S. I hope this post wasn’t a B-oron! (groan)