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Oh noes! We now have a comments Code of Conduct

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Pay heed young heathens, for hereth in lie the rules fore which yee must abide when o’commenting. 

Okay, serious stuff. Lately the sea of awesome comments here on the OMG! has become diluted with a small doses of vitriol and negativity. We’re not against criticism of ourselves, applications we post or of other commenter’s claims but, BUT, there is a fine line between what is debate, opinion and banter and that which is just all out irrelevant, insulting and offensive. As such we’ve had to bring in some roolz for you guys to play nice in.

Break the rules, get banned. Capiche?

The roolz of OMG! Commenting

  1. Debate/banter is fine. Personal insults, attacks and comments are not.
  2. Sexist, racist, homophobic or ageist comments will not be tolerated. At all. 
  3. Try to keep potentially offensive religious remarks out of comments. (Yes, that includes Scientology, folks.) We appreciate that there are many words in everyday use that only upset fundamentalists. These we consider acceptable in the right context
  4. Keeps comments on-topic to either the post in question or the thread in which you’re replying to.
  5. Keep expletives to a minimum.
  6. If you see a comment you don’t like hit the ‘flag’ button. This instantly notifies us.
  7. OMG! is a place for all users of all abilities: try to help one-another, not get one up.
  8. These rules are non-negotiable and may be amended at any time we see fit.
  9. As a catch all – Comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted or edited at our discretion – don’t post 10 follow up comments proclaiming that we’re worse than North Korea re: freedom of speech.