A new upstream version of Nautilus, Ubuntu’s default file browser, has landed in Maverick. Normally there isn’t much to report on but with with the 10.10 Feature Freeze nigh a veritable slew of changes, fixes n’ features have come with it, amongst which are: –

  • Expand and collapse folders using +/- keys in list view 
  • Save passwords for the session by default
  • Don’t show ‘File Browser’ anymore in the window title
  • Use folder icons as window icons in browser and spatial mode
  • ‘Trashed On’ and ‘Original Location’ columns for list mode in Trash
  • Implement transparent icons for cut files
  • Change default thumbnail size
  • New dialog to handle conflicts within file copy/move operations
  • New button in the trashbar to restore selected items
  • New icon for audio preview
  • Don’t show Unmount when showing Eject/Safe Removal
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