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Find stray photos by sketching them, seeing results in real-time

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

You know what picture you want to find – you can see it in your mind! Now if only you could remember what it was called…

Naming conventions for digital camera images – and worse bizarre naming rituals thought up by ourselves – can often hinder tracking down that sweet photographic snapshot you just know is laying at the bottom of a folder somewhere.

This is where ‘ImgSeek ‘ comes in. Termed ‘Open-source content-based image searching’ the application scans your hard-drive for pictures then allows you to search through those pictures by drawing a sketch of it. During which ImgSeek shows matching results in real-time.

We’ve termed this ‘sketch n’ seek’ here at OMG! Towers and can’t wait until some plucky soul finally ports this over to other areas of life – like finding missing socks…

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