Joe Lawrence sent us over this incredibly simple yet worthwhile tip for avid Wine users. Sourced specifically because ‘cool menus’ such as Cardapio don’t let you run easily launch Wine applications. He’s already written it up and supplied some screenshots for us (thanks Joe!) so here it is: how to add a neat Wine menu to your GNOME panel.

1 ” Right click on the menu
If you want, you can access your Wine menu (and any other menu for that matter) right from your panel! Open the Applications menu /old school menu and then move the mouse over to the Wine sub-menu. Right click the “Browse C: Drive” launcher and go to ‘Entire Menu > Add this menu to panel‘ (or Add this drawer to panel, whichever you chose).

2 ” Add To panel or desktop
If you’re too lazy to read the last two or just want a single launcher you can just drag it from the menu to the desktop or panel. Then just click or double click on it to launch with no problem.

Now, you can run Wine apps with your main menu again. Hooray!

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