Before I make for the land of slumber tonight let me leave you with a quick read that doubles up as a must read not only for Unity fans but for those with a naturally curious disposition.

Canonical – and Zeitgeist superstar – Mikkel Kamstrup talks about his work on Unity – everyone’s favourite new netbook interface – over on his blog. It’s a succinct, interesting and, most importantly, accessible read that dices up his development on Unity into an easy-to-follow format.

P.S. Whilst we’re almost on the topic of Zeitgeist, a quick heads-up that our/your/the worlds very own Seif Lotfy will be shoving his reporters mic under the noses of the Zeitgeist team* very shortly, an interview which will, i’m in no doubts, will be a must-read.

*Figuratively, natch.

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