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Worried about the meerkat Sound Menu? todays update screams ‘don’t be!’

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.


I know that many readers have had concerns over the direction that Ubuntu 10.10’s new sound menu has been taking and it would be fair to say that a significant section of those were centred around one thing: the controls.

In an update to the Sound Menu today the look of the menu has had a little rejiggle and added a slider (which doesn’t work yet, fact fans) and y’know what, despite not being the greatest fan of how those buttons look I defy anyone to look at the image to the right and remain worried.

It looks stellar.

Again, as with all our posts on updates, these designs are not final – we’re not even at Alpha 3 yet – so what you see here is not indicative of the final design you are likely to to find on the desktop come October.

Another feature that will popping up in the menu over the next few months will be playlist support.

Bravo design team and double-bravo DX team!