“Have you ever wanted to record a sound heard from your computer or website?” queries OutRec on their website  “If yes OutRec is perfect for you.”

logotype2The application is simple:  you can record everything outputted through your soundcard whether audio from a website of OS SFX from the computer itself. If it goes through the sound card OutRec can record it.

Features: –

  • Simple, easy to use UI
  • OutRec can save to wav, mp3 or ogg.
  • Record the sound at the same quality it was played at; no loss of quality in recording


First of all we need to install a slew of dependencies of OutRec won’t work as well as you want.

Open a terminal and enter: –

  • sudo apt-get install sox gambas2-runtime lame mplayer libnotify-bin libmp3lame0 gambas2-gb-form gambas2-gb-desktop gambas2-gb-gui libtwolame0

Now proceed to download the OutRec .deb file. Once completed double-click on it to install.image

Thanks to Luis

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