Nothing comes close in terms of awe and ease as Google’s very own online RSS reader ‘Google Reader’.

Despite this many users still use desktop based solutions. Liferea is perhaps the most well known desktop Linux RSS reader but other options are available – RSSowl being a well known alternative to Liferea.

With not exactly much competition in desktop-based solutions on Linux (fuelled, in part, by an equally lacklustre amount of actual need for them) you could be forgiven for sounding uninterested at the mention of new desktop RSS reader Naufrago!. And, from its initial few releases, you wouldn’t exactly be missing much.



It’s a desktop based RSS reader. You add feeds and it displays them. Simple, right? Thankfully Naufrago! does this well but is also able to store feeds – complete with images – for offline use. There’s no online-sync with Google Reader or complex reading stats to delve into after weeks of use: just add, update, read.

It’s this former point – about lack of sync-ship – that will put many potential users off. The cumbersome nature of opening a browser to check feeds does, admittedly, still feel a bit alien; after all if I’m in my browser anyway, why not just visit the site? This is where desktop-based options often come to the fore.

You can import/export feed files in the OPML format, arrange feeds into folders and see favicons for quick visual identification.

For someone looking for a competent and fast RSS reader Naufrago! is a sound, if slightly basic, choice. It loads faster than Liferea and doesn’t seem to suck up as many resources either. Power users or those looking for more control would be better of sticking with the established matriarch Linux feed reader Liferea.


Naufrago! is a free download, .deb available @

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