Computer-Boot-Faster-main_FullSomething has always plagued the Ubuntu installations on my Toshiba Satellite, ever since I started using it early last year: Login time.

No, not boot time, which is all the rage nowadays – I’m talking about login time.

While boot time has improved dramatically over the last couple of cycles, login time hasn’t changed at all. It’s very well having a < 10 second boot time, but if the login time is almost a minute, it kind of kills the whole premise that Ubuntu is fast.

Especially when things like the panel fails to start correctly, or not at all, and the transition from the GDM wallpaper to your own wallpaper is startlingly blunt instead of a nice fade. Here’s a video of my boot process, from power button pressed to usable desktop takes just under two minutes – most of which is login time.

[Service hosting this video has since been discontinued] 

Anyway, I’ve heard mixed things from people – some have long login times like me, others have very short ones. Is it a bug specific to my computer, or is it something you can relate to? I’m curious to find out. Perhaps a fresh install is in order…


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