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unlock screen GNOME Shell 3.30

First Look: GNOME’s Stylish New Login & Lock Screens

GNOME is planning to redesign its lock and login screens for GNOME Shell. The new designs are clean, use a 'clear spatial model' and make use of animations.

10 May 2018

GDM to Replace LightDM in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu is switching to GDM as the default display manager for both Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. GDM will replace LightDM and the Unity Greeter.

7 June 2017
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Logging into Ubuntu using Ubuntu One

Day 3 of the Ubuntu Developer Summit has kicked off, and one of the mornings sessions discussed the potential benefits of signing into Ubuntu using your Ubuntu Single Sign on ('Ubuntu One') account.

2 November 2011
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How Slow is Your Ubuntu Login? [Poll]

Something has always plagued the Ubuntu installations on my Toshiba Satellite, ever since I started using it early last year: Login time. No, not boot time, which is all the rage nowadays – I’m talking […]

10 July 2010