How does the thought of 211 completely free wine-compatible games available in one download, complete with slick launcher and per-game info, sound to you?

Indulgent? Maybe. Worth downloading? Hell yes.

Mega Games Pack

zDoom DownloadThe bundle is the work of ‘Novo Custom LiveCD Builder’ creator Glenn and has been fully tested to work on both Ubuntu 32bit and Ubuntu 64bit meaning no-one need miss out on prime time wasting opportunities.

As all of the games within the pack are either Open-Source or freeware there is nothing to pay and no need to hide under your desk for fear of the FBI storming your bedroom under cries of ‘Pirate!!’.


For a full list of games included see here. The list is incredibly diverse, including everything from Wolfenstein 3D and Z Doom (an enhanced port of the original Doom) to Pong, Poker, Lemmings and even Amstrad CPC classic ‘Oh! Mummy!’

Download is 1.82GB and can be downloaded via torrent or direct download @

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