Making your own fully customised Debian/Ubuntu based operating system has never been easier using Novo Builder – an easy-to-use GUI ‘Linux Operating System building tool’.

Novo was was built to “…allow anyone with the time and interest in designing their own fully customized OS without having to spend a long time learning all the methods and tricks involved in getting a fully functional and installable OS.”  Main Novo Builder Screen Shot


Novo Builder provides a wide range of user-tweak-able settings and variables, saveable and thus shareable as pre-sets. The tool also includes a number of bundled pre-sets that allow users to create their own custom LiveCD. DVD or .ISO with total ease. In particular the ‘LastOS_Linux’ preset contains “…almost all the packages from Ubuntu Lucid, Ultimate Edition and Mint” plus a few of the developers’ own ‘themes, wallpapers, tools and choices’..

Some of the other main Novo Builder features are:

  • 1 Click Selection of your Pre-sets/Projects.
  • 1 Click Build all or manual steps.
  • GUI or file/folder manipulation of your projects build process.
  • Load existing Built Projects and update the OS/Packages.


Download the Novo Builder by clicking on the button below. To run Novo extract the archive then double click on the .bash file inside. You will be prompted for your password to do this. image

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