The company behind Ubuntu 10.10’s default photo management application ‘Shotwell’ have today announced the immediate availability of two new multimedia applications: a video editor and an audio editor.

From Yorba themselves: –

Fillmore is an open-source multi-track audio editor for Gnome, based upon GStreamer and written in Vala.  You can record one mono track at a time.  You can create multiple tracks and sequence your audio to create songs, podcasts, stories.  You can export your project to an Ogg-Vorbis file. Fillmore

Lombard is an open-source video editor for Gnome, based upon GStreamer and written in Vala.  You can import and arrange your video clips using Lombard.  If you would like to add extra audio tracks for music or voice overs, open up your Lombard project in Fillmore.Easily import your photos

Both applications are still quite young but designed to be simple, stable and straightforward to use – much like Shotwell.

Whilst neither of these applications are feature-comparable to, say, OpenShot, PiTiVi or Jokosher they are a commendable first foot forward. Both have been in development for a little while now and are backed by a company that has built up a solid reputation with the excellent Shotwell.

I’ll certainly be continuing to keep my eyes on these…


There are currently no distro-specific binaries available to installed from, but concise instructions on installing from source are given on the respective project pages below. I would fully expect both of these applications to arrive in the Yorba PPA at some point in the not-to-distant future.

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