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‘Introduction to Unity Launcher’ video shows off some very slick features

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Christian Giordano of the Canonical Design team posted a very nice video introduction to the new Unity Launcher yesterday showing off several new effects and features hitherto unbeknownst.

Some of the new features of the ‘not-a-dock’ launcher include a very nice 3D ‘accordion’ stack effect when lots of icons are present in the launcher bar (see screenshot to the right), a ‘boot into windows’ button (remember Unity is used in Ubuntu Light which is targeted as a dual boot OS) and the ability to assign & view shortcut keys to launchers on the ‘not-dock’.

All of these look much better in glorious 25fps – so hit play on the video and prepare to get officially excited.

Unity Launcher Introduction from Canonical Design on Vimeo.

Oh, Hello… 
Also in the video you’ll notice that the familiar ‘Applications, Places, System’ menu is present and the search bar isn’t. I wouldn’t take either of those as solid hints at what will be present in the final stable release, but it’s curious to note nonetheless…