Simple things are no-less crazily awesome just take Unclutter which auto-hides your cursor from the screen after a timed period of inactivity.

So popular is Unclutter that it’s being reviewed for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10!

Why would I want to use this?

How many people instinctively move their mouse-cursor off-screen when needing to work, read or do something? Perhaps you’re working on a text document and don’t need the mouse being on screen, you might be watching a video on YouTube or working in a terminal. Any time the mouse is left idle for a user-set period of time (5 secs, etc) the mouse cursor disappears.

Install Unclutter in Ubuntu


Launch Unclutter

Press ALT+F2 in unison and type ‘Unclutter’. Your mouse cursor will hide after 5 seconds of inactivity. To set it to something different see the list of switches on the Unclutter man page (think wiki) @

Thanks to Greg Nicholson on the Ayatana Mailing list

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