Opera 10.6 Alpha sees an improved menu button

The first Alpha of Opera 10.6 has been released, adding small UI improvements and even-greater speed gains.

As development has now moved on to the 10.6x series there will be no stable release of Opera 10.5x for Linux.


The most impressive thing about version 10.6 is the speed improvement over the 10.5 series – which already came out top in our Linux browser speed tests!

For comparison with our previous article, Opera 10.6 scores 80 fails in Google Sputnik test, down one fail from version 10.5. By comparison the latest Google Chrome dev build scores 135 fails.


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Bear in mind this is an Alpha release and not a final, highly polished, flawless production version.

  • opera_10.60.6344_amd64.deb
  • opera_10.60.6344_i386.deb
  • opera_10.60.6344_powerpc.deb
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