The podcast for people who don’t like podcasts, brought to you by people who know nothing about podcasts.”

Hello, hello, good evening. Yes, you read the title correctly! After two weeks delay since we announced the podcast, numerous technical difficulties and general all round disorganization, we bring you the first episode of the OMG! Ubuntu! podcast, Ubuntuesday.

We hope you enjoy our first episode. It was quite a lot of fun to record and we look forward to bringing you even more exciting new stuff over the next few episodes as we fine tune our segments and listen to feedback from you guys.  

Think of this first episode as a alpha release – with an awesome beta sure to follow ;)

Enough rambling you say!

[Excuse the slightly ‘tinny’ quality. I didn’t realise Audacity was mixing down to mono (no, not -that- mono) but, third time willing, a stereo version will be up in t-minus 1 hour 26 minutes… ]

Show notes

  • Introduction
  • Who are we?
  • The Lucid Lynx pounces – feedback from the release and what we did
  • Browser power – we speculate on browser selection for Maverick 
  • The Ubuntu Manual Project’s (exciting) plans for 10.10
  • Mussels in Brussels – the Ubuntu Developer Summit
  • What Makes My Kernel Krash – Benjamin rants about Linux application naming conventions
Next week’s episode

In the next episode we’ll be coming “live” from Belgium! Benjamin will of course be at the Dolce La Hulpe Hotel in Brussels where the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Maverick is being held. We’ll talk about the first day and what the session schedule is for the week. We’ll also discuss the results of the OpenShot survey and have another rant from Benjamin and a new song of the week as well as plenty of other cool stuff!

Podcast music:
Theme: “Outer Orbit” by Revolution Void from their album, The Politics of Desire