Over on the Lubuntu mailing-list they’ve been discussing the application choices for version 10.10 due in October.

Although no actual changes has been decided on, discussions centring around dropping the current default ‘music player’ Aqualung in favour of another player has been a hot-topic.

One of the the more capable and much better looking suggestions has been DeaDBeeF music player

Even the founder of the LXDE environment that Lubuntu uses had the following to say on the choice of DeadBeef: –

  • “Its UI is almost identical to that of LXMusic, but it’s much better in many ways IMHO. Let’s use it!”

How it stacks up

Whilst the following RAM comparison isn’t by any means perfect ” I tested DeaDBeeF in Ubuntu for a start ” it does show that it is a lightweight choice for any user regardless of their DE.

  • Banshee : 58.6MiB
  • DeaDBeeF: 11.8 MiB
  • Clementine: 54.2MiB
  • Rhythmbox: 59.8MiB
Ubuntu users who want to try DeaDBeeF our can do so using the DeaDBeeF PPA, available for both Karmic and Lucid @ https://launchpad.net/~alexey-smirnov/+archive/deadbeef

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