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CoverGloobus adds more player support, new theme, options

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.
Desktop Cover Art, controller n’ Lyrics app CoverGloobus has added support for more music players in the latest development version.
Amarok 1.4 clone ‘Clementine‘, foobar-esque ‘DeaDBeeF‘ & lightweight GMusicBrowser are amongst those receiving support.
A new theme called ‘tooltip’ has also been added: –

Other new features include custom artwork pattern searching, more cover-art download sources, as well as the ability to try all cover download sources, and more lyric providers.


You download the latest development version of CoverGloobus by checking out the development branch and installing it: –
  • bzr branch lp:covergloobus
  • cd covergloobus
  • ./ –prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install