A few subtle icon changes have landed in Ubuntu 10.04 over the last day or so.

Think of an icon in ubuntu that may have been light orange. Well, it’s very likely now dark orange, in keeping with the folder updates we saw early last week.

Most noatble fix pertaining to this: the back, forward and up buttons in nautilus.

Wide Wifi & new batteries
OMG! reader Tyler popped these screenshots in my inbox a few minutes ago. The first screenshot showa that the monochrome wifi icon – which has been swapping between a slim and wide variant over the last few weeks – is now seemingly settled, with the the slim, less spacey version winning out – Wise move.

Also in the screenshots you can see that the battery icon has, again, changed and the messaging menu ‘envelope’ icon has taken on a silvery hue.

Space savers
The messaging menu has also added some much needed spacing to the menu icons.

Notice anything else in that screenshot? Running application indicators are finally available in the ‘light’ Ubuntu light theme.

Video Icon (Thanks Melvin)
Filmstrip. Purple. Nuff’ said.

And lastly… *
The last notable change for most users in this latest show stopping update being that some missing media control icons have turned up. Right-click menu controller fans (such as Banshee helper Docky users) are rejoicing.

*This last paragraph may have been written with my tongue firmly in my cheek. I know not everyone goes crazy mad over little changes, and even less actually enjoy reading about them, but a fair chunk of OMG! readers – myself included – really do. So nerr.

Super thanks to Tyler

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