With every release of Ubuntu the critical eye of the mainstream tech media falls upon Ubuntu. What have they had to say about our new feline overlord?

Most fixate on the new lick of paint Lucid has, making extremely positive noises whilst doing so.

Ubuntu prettier than a Mac

Hugo Rifkind of The Times Online shared his excitement in an article titled “Why Ubuntu excites me more than Windows or Macintosh”.  

It’s an article that anyone who felt a pang of giddy excitement over yesterday’s Lucid release will really chime with. Choice quote: “My Ubuntu setup is faster than a PC and prettier than a Mac.”

PCMag.com gave Lucid 4/5 and ExtremeTech.com described it as “making significant strides toward attracting and keeping a wider audience.”

The Register.com saw Lucid as “A (free) Mactastic experience” but went to raise questions about the window button placement and the stability of the UbuntuOne storage service.

BusinessWeek.com reviewed the new features that businesses might appreciated in 10.04, while ending on a positive note to say: “anyone who just wants an easy-to-use, full-featured, secure desktop operating system — Ubuntu 10.04 is the one for you.”

Christopher Dawson of ZDNet reviewed Ubuntu 10.04 under the title of “Never a better time to switch” and was highly impressed with it.

Patterns emerge

I could continue quoting more but of all of the reviews I’ve spent the last few hours scouring over I’ve actually yet to hear any major negatives regarding Ubuntu 10.04. No complaints over missing drivers or awful installation experiences, no warnings about whether or not it’s worth installing.

A few eyebrows have been raised over the placement of Window buttons and a one or two reviewers have pointed out that UbuntuOne isn’t an entirely stable service yet but almost every review is in agreement: Ubuntu 10.04 is the most user-friendly, good looking and well designed Linux distribution ever created.

But hey, we already knew that, right?!

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