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Gorgeous Replacement UbuntuOne Folder Icons

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The stock UbuntuOne folder icon in Ubuntu 10.04 is nothing special.

Many users would love to have a more purpose-defined folder icon like Pictures or Documents folders, etc.

Mathieu Comandon over @The Hacking Capybara has created a set of replacement icons specifically this reason (including for a few other folder types, too) and boy do they look nice!



Grab the .tar file @ LINK SINCE BROKEN.


Installing is painless.

  1. Extract the downloaded archive and move the icons somewhere safe
  2. Right click on your Ubuntu One folder and choose properties
  3. Click the folder icon the upper left corner and navigate to the ubuntuonefolder.svg you extracted previously.
  4. Done!

Image by Mathieu Comandon