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Best System Cleaner: Ubuntu Tweak [vote result]

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

imageYou have crowned Ubuntu Tweak‘s system cleaning options as the very best in our OMG! Vote! on the best system cleaners for Ubuntu.

The top 3 came in as follows based on 1208 votes cast:

  1. Ubuntu tweak 52.07% [629 votes]
  2. The command line 21.19% [256 votes]
  3. BleachBit 19.78% [239 votes]

In 4th place was Ubuntu default Computer Janitor with 61 votes and a 5.05% share but it’s GTKOrphan which takes up the rear with 1.9% and only 23 votes cast in its’ favour.

This week’s vote is…

If you’ve been beady eyed or are a member of the OMG! Ubuntu! Facebook fan page then you may know that this weeks vote is on …Docks!