In a press release this evening the Ubuntu Manual Team have announced that “Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04” – A.K.A the Ubuntu Manual will be made available on audio tape later this month. This move is an obvious step in ensuring the widest possible reach and user-inclusion for the project.

“The Ubuntu Manual Team strives to improve its availability of educational resources by catering for a wide audience of people across all aspects of life, be it translating the manual into different languages or providing size 25 font versions for those with sight difficulties.

Therefore, we are proud to announce the upcoming availability of Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 on audio tape, read by Oscar winner Marlee Matlin.

Now it’s possible to learn how to use Ubuntu on the bus, at work, or in the car with the soothing tones of Marlee Matlin teaching you how to install GRUB or explaining the concept of a window in great monotonous detail.

If you’ve wanted to learn Ubuntu but can’t read, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved with the fun that is Open Source software.

The audio tape version of the manual will be available for free download on the 29th of April, 2010 to coincide with the release of all editions of “Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04.”

The Ubuntu Manual Team

Helping You… Learn.”