Over a week ago we revealed that a big announcement regrading the re-branding of Ubuntu was imminent. That announcement has now been made – but even we didn’t expect it to be quite as big as this!

All of the new artwork and design directions are the result of Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth and a small team reassessing the brand values and identity that Ubuntu embodies.

The team touched up on “light” as a reference point:

“We’re drawn to Light because it denotes both warmth and clarity, and intrigued by the idea that “light” is a good value in software. Good software is “light” in the sense that it uses your resources efficiently, runs quickly, and can easily be reshaped as needed.”

Ensuing collaboration, consultation and shared vision between that small team and the Ubuntu artwork community – over all major non-KDE spins – are responsible for the following utterly awesome artwork you will see below.

New logo
Ubuntu gains a new logo with a new typeface and visual style.

In keeping with trying to create a cohesive brand identity the ancillary services Ubuntu provides have also been redesigned under the same styling: –

Two new themes
The visual identity of Ubuntu goes deeper than simple changing the font and logo. To this extent two new themes have been created to provide Ubuntu users with a modern and elegant desktop in keeping with the “light” direction.



I’m not entirely convinced that the ‘left’ alignment of window buttons is a change most users will take to – but i have every faith that a checkbox check will put them back on the right side (no pun).

The lack of bottom panel isn’t actually that notable as it’s obvious these screenshots are simply cropped above it.

A slick new boot screen also ties in the new Ubuntu experience from power-on to desktop. Powered by Plymouth this is one part of the new visual styling most users won’t get to see much of thanks to the super fast boot Lucid already has!

The entire “branding” of Ubuntu has been realigned and refocused – from the default icon set right down to the official website.

You can read much more on the semantics behind the visual change – as well as even more gallery goodness on the Ubuntu Brand wiki page @ wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand#Light:%20Ubuntu%20is%20Lightware

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The new Ubuntu style: Like it or not?