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Ubuntu 10.04 "light" Themes Released [Download]

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The Ubuntu 10.04 ‘light’ themes will be landing in Lucid updates in a few short hours but we’ve queue jumped the process to nab a sneaky peak.

Do bear in mind that these are the initial releases of the themes and not the final product so expect plenty of tweaks and refinements between now and April 29th!

The themes have names: ‘Ambiance‘ and ‘Radiance‘ respectively. The new icon set is called ‘Ubuntu-Mono‘ and for the most part doesn’t deviate from that in Karmic. The main difference is in the panel icons.

This is the darker theme and first impressions are just “wow”. It’s incredibly beautiful.

Ambiance uses the “dark” version of the Ubuntu-Mono theme. To avoid confusion note that the ‘dark’ versions of icon themes in Ubuntu are lighter and for use with the darker themes.

As you can see there are a few bugs to fixed here but you’re able to get the overall feel of what’s being aimed for.

If you like the panel, and are on Karmic, here is the panel background: –

Radiance is the lighter theme of the two and is the one with the utterly delicious tooltips – just check them out in this first screenshot: –

The icon set used is ‘Ubuntu-mono-light‘ – which are darker and, imo, much better looking than their equivalents in the ubuntu-mono-light icon set. The sound and network icons evidently need some more work done but both the Rhythmbox and MessagingMenu icons are sublime.

The scrollbars – as evident in the Rhythmbox screenshot below – are extremely wide but do look original.

The scroll bars, odd as they look, remain the same in both Ambiance and Radiance: –

For the impatient or those Karmic users wishing to see if the themes will work for them, here are the necessary .debs files to get you going.

Themes @
Icons @

gexi from the Ubuntu Forums has lent us a screenshot of his Karmic install running the themes without issue: –

Awesome stuff!