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The Awesome Wallpapers of pr09studio

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

If you read OMG! regularly you’ll likely be aware that there a few community artists/designers/themers that we really dig (DanRabbit, Mastropino and ZacBarton to name but a few.)

Well the pantheon of win is about to be joined by another digital artist who’s wallpaper collection of consistently impressive standards has really wowed me.

This, readers, is the work of Pr09studio.


Modest begets awesome

A rather modest statement greets visitors to pr09studio’s DeviantArt page:

“I love creating wallpapers. I know I’m not an expert, but I hope you will like my creations.”

‘Like’ is an understatement.

In fact i wouldn’t be surprised if many of you aren’t already using one of Leo’s incredible wallpapers on your desktop. MadsRH over @ the awesome featured 2 of pr09studio’s wallpapers a few weeks back.

66 Choices

I counted 66 wallpapers over in Leo’s DeviantArt gallery so the few that you see scattered about this post barely even graze the surface of a very bountiful collection.


OMG’s top 5 favourite pr09stduio wallpaper

Disclaimer: I am colour blind so please excuse me if I think a green is brown and orange is a red or a blue is purple, etc. Correct me in the comments and I’ll update accordingly.

1. Ubuntu 10.04 Wallpaper

We would be crazy not to paste this wallpaper in pole position. It has branding, purples AND oranges all with gorgeous light refractions. It’s basically the perfect Ubuntu Lucid wallpaper ever distilled into .png format.

2. Pure Fantasy

I can bet someone’s bottom dollar (not mine, I’m British) that there are plenty of Mint and OpenSuse users who’ll dig the green tones of this wallpaper. If you’re a fan of OpenSuse’s new GTK theme ‘Sonar’ you’ll find this matches up very nicely indeed.

3. Lucid Redesigned

Call it Lucid fever or call it a bloody brilliant wallpaper, this one had to make the list. Gradient + logo = simple win. A visually unobtrusive wallpaper sure to please many.

4. Wormhole


One of the latest creations from pr90studio’s fingertip and the purple variant (above) included is rocking my desktop as I type.

The download for Wormhole is just over 20MB’s so if you’re on a cap bear this in mind.

5. City Map

I can concede that this wallpaper may not be to everyone’s taste but it just screams pre-lucid Ubuntu at me. If i were a patient Heron or Karmic user fond of the Human colour scheme I’d be downloading this wallpaper yesterday.


If you like the wallpapers you see here be sure to stop by and pass on your appreciation to Leo using the links below.

You’ll also find plenty of other distro-specific wallpapers on his deviant art including Arch, Mint and KDE branded ones.