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Our picks from the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper submissions not chosen

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Earlier today we posted our top 5 picks from the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper shortlist taken from the Ubuntu Artwork Pool on Flickr.

Although 28 great wallpapers were chosen there were many more that weren’t so we’ve taken our pick of the wallpapers NOT chosen for the shortlist and posted them here.

Our Top Picks

There are some utterly wonderful designs: –

4442013112_1dacd55c5b  4431695556_c6807ed24a 4440932421_18ec6fba4e 4429941637_832cb108664404112655_597a65ef91 4371745576_638ac16488

Sublime nature photographs: –

4412107569_88d23742ae3936826391_1b5026255c  3319072860_e2c41a0d6f

The somewhat indefinable: –

4408401013_913df4587d  4395693381_3132a5d3a1 4371891533_c396bf3f80

And, as expected, the less wonderful submissions ranging the poorly framed, badly focused and plain odd to photos of dead birds.


Oh and this submission by a Mr Benjamin Humphrey…


For the record that is not me.

I also include an obligatory cat wallpaper. Why? Because cats rock.


Wallpapers to be chosen soon

My guess is that the wallpapers picked from the Flickr pool will ship in Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 due on April 1st. The shortlist has already been picked and you can see our top 5 picks from that shortlist here.