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…and the other changes.

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Over the last day or so there has been a veritable flood of little refinements to the odd icon here, a revision in wording there and some really awesome changes slap-bang in the middle of those.

I would be insane to try to mention all of the minor differences that have, well, differed over the last few days. Thankfully that where you guys step in. I’m not sure if i should feel guilty for encouraging you to notice these things but whatever hasn’t caught my eye on the desktop has done so in my inbox when you’ve taken the time to share your finds with me.

Eyes down, look in.

“Oi! I’m muted but something’s trying to play sound” (Props to Daniel)

The volume indicator icon now glows red before fading back to normal if an application tries to play sound when the sound is muted.

Inset; rounded progress bars (Thanks to Cullen)

Candy bars. That’s why they make me think of – candy. The progress bars are now rounded and the background in which they load appears more ‘inset’.

Word, bro. (Tipped off by Mohan)

A big controversy raged a few weeks back over the icons used to denote files in Microsoft Office formats. The then design use icons reminiscent of Office’s Mac mime’s. They’ve now been, erm, fixed? (I’m not sure you can call the bold icons above a ‘fix’…)

Nice tie (Well done d0od!)

Minor quibble but one that stood out to me very often once a reader pointed it out; the colour of the tie and the shirt of the apperance menu – which up until that point I’d always perceived as a paintbrush (!) – contrasted badly. The icon has literally undergone a change of clothes for it’s newly minted incarnation.

Other changes we’ve posted about today: –

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