Word has reached my ears that tomorrow, 25th February, at around 18:00 UTC, a big announcement concerning the branding of Ubuntu will be made.

Edit: The announcement has been postponed thanks to our big mouths, however it has to be announced by next week because of Lucid’s interface freeze. So hold tight kiddies!

Whilst my source wishes to remain anonymous he did divulge that the announcement has “something to do with…” the branding of Ubuntu and/or Canonical, the colour scheme used for them and “possibly the logo”.

The Ubuntu Single Sign-On logo; a taste of what’s to come?

Lucid’s new theme
He does state that it will “definitely” touch upon the default theme and colour scheme to be used in Ubuntu 10.04. This ties in with Mark Shuttleworths revelation a few days back: –

“We’ve been Human for the last five years and now we’re going to be light oriented.

Of course, tomorrow does see the release of Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 and any changes to the look and ‘feel’ of the OS are better included sooner rather than later. We have already seen a move to a lighter style of Ubuntu branding with the Ubuntu Single Sign-on service.

Music Store
The announcement may also contain an “official” announcement on the partnership between 7Digital and Ubuntu in the UbuntuOne Music Store.

So far the “news” that 7Digital is partnering with Ubuntu has only been revealed through some leaked screenshots and with the Music Store due to land proper in Alpha 3 it would be the perfect time to announce this fully.

If we learn anything sooner you’ll be the first to know!

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