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Ubuntu Single Sign On Launched; Looks Very Humanity

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Canonical today announced the launched of ‘Ubuntu Single Sign On’ – a service designed to create a one-stop location for logging in and accessing Ubuntu and Ubuntu-related services such as UbuntuOne, The Ubuntu Music Store and Launchpad.

The official announcement said:

The goal of this service is to provide a single, central login service for all Ubuntu-related sites, thus making it more convenient for Ubuntu users and community members to access information, communicate, and contribute.

For most users the change will be negligible and the only difference will the a login page. In fact Canonical point this out in the press release: –

How does the new service differ from the old one?

For now, not much apart from the appearance of the site. We have many plans for great new features, however, and hope to roll these out once the service is established. If you have ideas for other features you’d like to see in Ubuntu single sign on, we’d love to hear about them.

Humanity Me
Talking of the new site, check out and note the awesome humanity-esque colour scheme!

Signed In
As per the announcement the current ‘features’ of Ubuntu Single Sign On are limited to basic ‘account control’ options. As the Ubuntu Music Store enters the scene we’ll see payment options added.

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