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Give Nautilus’ Breadcrumbs A Sleek New Look

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

If you’re using the awesome Nautilus-Elementary you may love this.

The following Elementary theme mod replaces the standard ‘breadcrumbs’ in Elementary-Nautilus with a slick ‘all-in-one’ set: –

Original on top, Elementary-mod on bottom.

Get it
If you’re using Nautilus-Elementary (if not, why not? See here for the PPA!) then the super sleek Lucid-Software-Centre-esque breadcrumbs can be yours just by installing a patched version of the Elementary theme!

Ubuntu Software Centre breadcrumbs in Lucid

Get it at

Install the Elementary-mod theme as you would any other theme. Just drag and drop the tarball into the ‘Themes’ window of ‘Appearance Preferences’.

You can still use the eHomosapien theme, too – just click Customize > Window Border > eHomosapien.

Atermoon – thanks!