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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Wallpapers – The Ubuntu Artwork Pool

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

A large chunk of the wallpapers to be packaged up with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx will be drawn from the public “Ubuntu Artwork” group on photo sharing site Flickr.

I’ve been hesitant to plunder the talented depths of this Ubuntu Artwork pool on Flickr; pulling out some of the more ‘spiffing‘ examples and presenting them here as I’m not too fond of pointless lists that come hand in hand with a meaningless adjective – “10 cool wallpapers”, “10 awesome wallpapers”, etc. Are those 10 wallpapers really “awesome” or are they 10 you found in a hurry and thought “Hmmph. They’ll do.”?

Personal taste also comes into the equation – one persons feet on cobbles is another persons row of cherries. (That sentence probably doesn’t make sense if you have never used Karmic)


Some of the wallpapers in the pool are just too darn wonderful not to mention so i’ve cherry-picked a handful of, in my opinion, outstanding ones. Now, my bias will soon be apparent; I’m partial to Ubuntu branding, cats and anything cute-stroke-weird or a very serene nature scene.

Clicking on a wallpaper below will take you to the respective authors Flickr page where you can download, comment, rate, blog, etc.

Have you submitted any photos to the Artwork Pool? Seen any that have really ‘caught your eye’? Speak up in the comments!