Version: 1.1.4

GoogSysTray is a notification area application that alerts you to updates for your various Google services, such as GMail, Google Reader and Google Wave.

Application to get Google Reader updates in Ubuntu System Panel
GoogSysTray allows for each of its supported services notifications to be manually configured. Want an icon? Check. Want to display unread count? Check. Only want e-mails with certain tag to alert you? Check.

The following services are currently supported: –

  • GMail – Choose specific tags or folders to be notified about
  • Google Reader – Specify number of unread items needed before alert
  • Google Voice – Send SMS
  • Google Calendar – Set check frequency
  • Google Wave – Set notification options on unread messages

Setting Up Your Google Account In GoogSysTray
Setting up your Google Account in GST is a quick affair.

  • Right click the ‘G’ icon in the system tray
  • Choose ‘Preferences’
  • In the ‘General Tab’ click ‘Add’ in the top right-hand corner
  • Enter your Google Account details in the pop-up dialogue window.

If it from the ‘General’ tab that you can toggle services on/off.

Whilst running with 4 accounts configured, all showing icons, the application was using around 14MB RAM. Fairly light.


Double-click on the .deb file to install and launch it, once installation has completed, from the Applications > Internet sub-menu.

Thanks to aNoble & MB
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