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Add-on Lets Thunderbird Use Ubuntu Notification System

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Earlier today (which was just a repost of an article we posted very early last year!) we mentioned a Firefox add-on for getting Firefox to use the native Ubuntu notification system and ditching its own.

One reader asked if there was something similar for Thunderbird, and as luck would have it, yes there is! Props go to reader mjamesrd for pointing this out.

The Add-on

Snappily titled ‘Libnotify for Mozilla‘ the add-on is intended to work in both Firefox AND Thunderbird. Whilst it works in Thunderbird, displaying notifications of new mail, it doesn’t work in Firefox as of yet. Not-to-worry, the previous extension we mentioned sorts Firefox out!

Screenshot taken from, obviously, Softpedia ” i don’t use Thunderbird so can’t take my own.


Download the following .xpi, saving it somewhere accessible. THe open Thunderbird, navigate to Add-on’s and manually install it using the prompts given.