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Ubuntu Tweak Gets New User-based Website, New Release

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu Tweak ” a popular tweaking application for Ubuntu ” funnily enough ” today launched its new website, which can be found at


Website + App = Amazing!

The new website, to be known as UTCOM (Ubuntu Tweak .com) aims to provide a user-orientated database of applications that can be installed via the desktop version of Ubuntu-Tweak or via the information provided on the application page in the database itself: –


Users can create accounts, rate applications, add sources for them and even “bump” them after a new release has been made.

This “sign in” feature will be present inside the next major release of Ubuntu Tweak, as seen in the mock-up for version 0.6!


All applications available on UTCOM can be installed via Ubuntu Tweak and plans for the future aim to include scripts, tweaks and more all of which to be installable via the desktop app.

New Release

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.0 which sports a slightly-rejigged interface and several new features ” not least of which being the integration of UTCOM application database.

You’ll also find some new tweaks, some great new options for managing your session and a few other odds and ends.


You can see 0.5.0 in action via this demo video : –