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Google Chrome Beta Officially Released For Linux

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

No major tech site is currently reporting on this, but (Edit: 45 minutes later the rest of the big tech sites catch up! yet another OMG!Ubuntu! first…) The Google Chrome Beta for Linux is now available officially from Prior to this Linux users had to use a pre-beta dev version via the development site.

Whilst no official statement has been made yet heralding this official release Edit: Announcement has since been made.

It is available now from in easy install packages for most major distributions.

Dev Channel
Users wishing to remain on the bleeding edge of Google Chrome’s development can still install the dev channel version @

Give Chrome For Christmas?
Eagle-eyed spotters may notice a link at the bottom of the download page titled ‘Give Google Chrome for Christmas’. The link directs to ‘’ however this returns a 404…