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Chromium or Google Chrome: Which Do You Use? [Poll]

Reader David G mailed in to see we'd be interested in running a poll to see which 'brand' of Chrome Linux users prefer to use - either Google's Flash-plugin packing Google Chrome or the open-source, ready-in-the-repos Chromium. Given that our visitor stats don't distinguish between Chromium (both are grouped together as 'Chrome')I thought this would, indeed, be rather interesting to see. So, Sunday poll time: Do you use Chromium or Google Chrome? Let us know by voting in the poll inside.

26 February 2012
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How to enable web apps in Google Chrome on Ubuntu

With Google gearing up to launch the Chrome Web Store December 7th now is the perfect time to get a sneak preview of how webapps are going to look in Chrome.

5 December 2010
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Just How Popular is Chrome/ium on Linux? Answer: Very

Google Chrome for Linux will be one year old on Friday 4th June. Crazy non? To mark this relatively minor milestone I've decided to take a look at how Google Chrome's growth on Linux has, well, grown in that time. I can only base my findings on my blog as a whole with some outside context provided by net statistic providers.

23 May 2010
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Google Chrome Extension Gallery Now Live

Google Chromes’ official Extensions Gallery is finally open for business. Tons of new extensions are available from the official extension gallery – yes, even adblockers – including official extensions from eBay, StumbleUpon and Google themselves, all […]

8 December 2009
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Google Chrome Beta Officially Released For Linux

No major tech site is currently reporting on this, but (Edit: 45 minutes later the rest of the big tech sites catch up! yet another OMG!Ubuntu! first…) The Google Chrome Beta for Linux is now […]

8 December 2009
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MurrinaChrome – Best Chrome-like GTK Theme Yet

A few days ago I posted a gorgeous Emerald theme based on Google Waves’ interface. In that post I mentioned i couldn’t find a decent GTK theme to match it. Thankfully reader Nicolas came up […]

29 November 2009
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Extensions Can Now Sit In Google Chrome’s Toolbar

The latest update to Google Chrome on Linux finally brings extension heaven for users unhappy with the way in which “notifying” extensions were layed out. My two previous posts on Chrome – 15 Must Have […]

22 October 2009
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The Face Of Google ChromeOS?

Following my earlier post that Google Chrome OS will be Debian based (just like Ubuntu – tangible link ahoy!) I thought I’d take a peek at the available build of Google Chrome for Google Chrome […]

13 October 2009
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15 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome: Adblockers, flashblockers, session savers, mail notifiers, delicious, etc

Further to my previous post on “Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Browser“, I thought i’d post a boring-yet-useful list of 15 Chrome extensions that make an already awesome browser even more awesome… er. […]

8 October 2009