GloobusPreview sits merrily as one our favourite apps of the year and with todays’ announcement that it will be getting a shiny new interface – as mocked up by Dan Rabbit – it looks like it won’t be letting go of that title into 2010!

Annoyingly i can’t get the new interface to compile. The “New Interface” (which is under development) adds reflection, duration and current time information stamps and some shiny improved close and menu buttons.

Let’s take a quick gander: –

New buttons: –

Old docky inside new docky for comparison

Gloobus also adds .psd (Photoshop file) previewing: –

Reflections, timestamps and (eventually) a new button for music previewing!


If you’re brave and want to try it out already – you can!

You will need bzr installed, so grab that if you don’t already have it.

then simple follow the set-up below: –

  • bzr branch lp:~gloobus-dev/gloobus/newInterface
  • cd newInterface
  • ./
  • make
  • sudo make install

Remember to be helpful and report bugs back @ the launchpad page.