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Some More Gnome Panel Clock Applet Styles

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

I’ve posted some styles for the Gnome panel Clock Applet before and some of you responded with your own in the comments to these posts. Some were really darn good so i’ve made a compilation of the best!

There is a short re-cap at the bottom on how to install these themes, and if you have any more great ones to share please do and I’ll update the post!

‘Humanity Style’ tweak by dreamersbrow

Just Time tweak

Time Style
Seif Sallam’s "OS X" Style

How To Apply Recap
To use one of these styles click on the pastebin link to get the code. Copy it and then do the following: –
  • Press ALt+F2
  • Type: gconf-editor
  • Hit return
  • Navigate to "Apps > Panel > Applets > Clock_Screen* > Prefs"
  • (* this may be under a different name, just look for the applet that has the correct ‘prefs’ folder)


  • Double-click on the ‘Format’ value. Change it to ‘custom’.
  • Double click on the ‘Custom Format’ field and paste in your style.
  • Hit return and enjoy!