A new version of screenshot/capture tool Shutter has been released, bringing new tools, features and user improvements.

sdfsdfThe shutter team were far more eloquent regarding the release, announcing: –

The time of waiting is over – after 15 weeks of development we are happy to announce the release of Shutter 0.85. A long list of new features and improvements is waiting to get explored by you.”

What are the new features?

  • Undo/Redo added to undo plug-in changes, etc
  • Drag n’ drop pictures into shutter for editing
  • Open a picture from the clipboard in Shutter by using Shift+Ctrl+V or File > New > Import from clipboard
  • Capture menus and tooltips
  • Send capture via e-mail or direct to an IM client contact: –

screenshot_041UI Changes include: –

  • Change delay of capture from main window
  • Re-organized preferences menu
  • Animated effect when hovering over windows to capture
  • Uses Notify-OSD to display information regarding delay, save, etc
  • Shutter now recognised an an image application within nautilus.


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