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Proposed Lucid Theme “UbuntuSun” Available To Download

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The artwork proposals for Lucid have begun getting underway this last week or two and the most interesting submission so far is UbuntuSun.

Available in three variants: Dawn, Day & Dusk, the metacity theme is based “…on the idea of having the sun shine into your windows.”

Original, striking and playing up to Ubuntu’s colour palette, I can see this theme becoming one of the more popular suggestions from the hundreds that are proposed every development schedule.

image image


Dream = Design

Sadly UbuntuSun has been mock-up only until now. ingolemo over @ took on the job of converting the mock-ups into real, usable themes. The results are awesome!



All three variants are available, however the artists does note that, currently, the Ubuntu Dusk version is lacking somewhat. A GTK theme is also included that suits each metacity.

(The rest of the themes proposed for Lucid, so far, are ones you’ve probably seen a thousand times before on Gnome-look, hence I’ve not been covering them yet.

Once the Alpha is released in a few weeks time the OMG!UBUNTU! Lucid updates will start thick and fast!)