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UbuntuOne Gets A (Rubbish) New Icon

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

UbuntuOne – Ubuntu’s cloud storage service – has been given a new icon in the latest Karmic updates. The new icon is, presumably, to better integrate UbuntuOne into the new Karmic Panel Icon style.

I will warn you that it is not spectacular in the slightest.

It sucks. Simple as. I understand what it’s trying to do (a HDD and a cloud = cloud storage) but it looks more out of place than the previous brightly coloured icon. it does match the “grey” theme of the rest of the panel icons, but it doesn’t match the style and as such sticks out just as much as before.

For anyone wanting a proper greyscale UbuntuOne icon in their panel – be sure to check out this previous post:

(I also apologise for the late posting of this change, i noted it earlier this morning. )