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WeatherDesk Sets Your Desktop Background To Current Weather

This simple app automatically sets your Ubuntu desktop wallpaper to an image matching the current weather conditions in your location.

16 May 2016
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Animated Wallpaper Adds Live Backgrounds To Linux Distros

We know a lot of you love having a stylish Ubuntu desktop to show off. And as Linux makes it so easy to create a stunning workspace with a minimal effort, that’s understandable! Today, we’re highlighting — re-highlighting for those of you with […]

26 May 2015
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Linux Wallpaper App ‘Wallch’ Adds Unity Support

You're either into wallpaper, or your not. And if you are then chances are you're constantly changing it. Wallch is a small application that helps automate the wallpaper changing process, and brings a few nifty extras with it too...

17 August 2011
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This Neat Wallpaper Changes With the Day

Wallpapers don't have to be static and boring. We've written about Android-style live wallpapers, weather wallpaper and real-time earth wallpapers before but here's something a little less flashy: a gorgeous wallpaper that changes with the time of day

15 April 2011
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Real-time earth wallpaper ‘xplanetFX’ gets refreshed look

Neat real-time earth wallpaper renderer 'xplanetFX' has received a refreshed GUI in its most recent update. Here we take a quick look at what's been revamped and refresh your mind on how to install the app itself.

7 February 2011

HQ real-time Earth wallpaper for Ubuntu: XPlanetFX

Forever a fan of quirky wallpapers that break with the tradtional tedium that is static desktop wallpapers, I was stoked to come across XplanetFX - a real-time wallpaper that puts the Earth, Moon and Sun on your desktop in stunning high-quality. Eye-candy fans won't want to miss this.

4 January 2011
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Generative wallpapers for Ubuntu: Game of Life

We love the idea of Generative Wallpapers - self-updating ever-changing backgrounds - here on OMG! Ubuntu! and, seemingly, so do you! Reader Aziz got in touch with a fantastic regenerative wallpaper of his own, inspired by an earlier article of ours on intelligent boot-splashes. Read on for more.

31 October 2010
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Android-style animated desktop wallpaper for Ubuntu 10.10

Want some Android-style live wallpaper on your Ubuntu desktop? Now you can.

10 October 2010
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DreamScene for Ubuntu? Ta very much.

Ever wanted to set video as your desktop wallpaper a la the quickly-ditched Windows DreamScene? With 'Video Wallpaper' it's easy.

9 August 2010
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Quirky Wallpaper: Real-time sunlight wallpaper

A few days back Benjamin posted an article on setting up a slick real-time Earth view wallpaper. In response to that Carles Sentis has sent us news of an awesome pet project of his which does […]

11 June 2010
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Quirky Wallpaper: Live Earth wallpaper

This could be you! I love space, and, more specifically I love space wallpapers as my wallpaper. During exam time (like now) I usually set some motivational wallpaper like “Get the hell off Facebook and […]

6 June 2010
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Turn your Mouse Movements Into a Desktop Wallpaper

Turn your mouse movements into a zany desktop wallpaper with IOGraph. Developed by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov & his colleague Andrey Shipilov, the Java application  is set to run in the background while you go about your everyday ‘computing’. During this […]

6 June 2010