CPUFREQ applet allows you to control your CPU speed directly from the gnome-panel. It sadly comes with some of the most awful looking icons ever created!

If you’re using Karmic (or the humanity theme in general) you can replace these icons to match the rest of your sleek new panel.

Replace CPUFREQ Icons

Download your preferred humanity-style cpufreq icons from gnome-look @ : –

Save the tarbell to your desktop or home folder and then extract. (Right click > extract).

Open a terminal and type: –

  • gksudo nautilus /usr/share/pixmaps/cpufreq-applet/

Now just drag-and-drop the icons from your extract folder into the directory – allowing them to be replaced.

If you’re conscious of borkups you can create a folder inside the directory to move the old icons into.

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