Social networking client Gwibber this morning recieved a long-due “bug fix” (i’m not if it was ever classed as a bug, but boy it should’ve been!)

Gwibber used to add a +2px to fonts to tweets and the “home” screen. This led to an oddly disjointed feel using it as it was just too large. Manually over-riding the font settings via preferences seemed to do little to help, either.

New users would’ve worried they’d enabled visual assistance!

The update fixes my long standing gripe with Gwibber and it’s excessively large fonts.

I’ll illustrate this just so you don’t think i’m petty!



The change looks slightly less drastic when taken out of the “desktop” and shown as ‘just’ as app as you loose the comparability factor.

If you’ve used Gwibber 2.0 on Karmic, update now and you’ll -know- what I griped about!

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